PhD students' Journal Clubs and Sozi

Some times ago I have been intrigued by infographics and different ways of communicating. The first software that catchad my attention was Prezi but its technology (Flash) and the fact that it’s no opensource and has a lot of limitations let me move to Sozi, an Inkscape extension.
I’ve tried it in making my presentation for the PhD students Journal Club, that is a meeting for PhD students and other researchers and professors taking place every Monday. It’s purpose is to let us practice on making lectures and to be up to date with recent development in other research areas.

I’ve also ported my first JC presentation (that on my PhD project) to Inkscape but loosing part of the beauty of the Beamer original theme.

These are the two presentations. Right click and “Open in new tab” will let you able to view the presentations, navigatin with left and right arrows. Mid-click to view the summary and up/down arrow to navigate without any effect.

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