What do you think about me?

AKA “In 150 characters or fewer, tell us what makes you unique. Try to be creative and say something that will catch our eye!”

These days I am struggling trying to (re)write a thesis decent enough to get a PhD and different enough from my point of view to be accepted by my supervisor.

At the same time I am applying to an increasing number of jobs possibly matching my love for data exploration/visualization and programming. And no, I am (almost) not applying for post-docs anymore. It is a waste of time.
However, every average job or post-doc application requires you to advertise yourself as much as possible so that your future employer can purchase you and be satisfied with his choice.

If you have read at least a pair of posts on this site (or a piece of my thesis), it would be obvious to you that writing is not among my very few qualities. And, as a result of my education, self-confidence and being proud of myself aren’t there either. On top of that, it is always difficult to have a fair opinion and to see what others see about ourselves.

Today a friend of mine was so kind to send me few words to describe me. They were amazingly accurate:

Tendenzialmente brontolone e negativo, riesco meglio ad esprimere quello penso e sono attraverso un codice che non a parole… Sempre alla ricerca di nuovi stimoli, che siano un nuovo linguaggio di programmazione, una nuova app, o semplicemente una luce diversa con cui scattare una foto, non lasciatemi troppo a me stesso che mi deprimo, ma se debitamente sostenuto sono capace di grandi cose.

[Basically grumpy and negative, I can express what I think and what I am better by coding than with words… Always looking for new ideas, either a new programming language, a new app or simply a different light for a photo. Don’t leave me alone too much with myself because I’ll get down, but if properly supported I can do great things.]

(Thanks Valentina C.)

This is really inspiring and helpful, thus, please, give me your “150 or fewer” (or more) words about me in the comments below!! Of course, this is an attempt to build a constructive discussion, so, please, don’t be stupid, aggressive or impolite.


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