Lorenzo negli stadi 2015


Install Docker

Dockerized Starlab

PDF manipulation

Starlab simulations with `sltoos`

Not only Big Data

Python plot examples

Change a line in all of your files at once

Linux network monitoring

rsync like a pro

Ssh keys exchange


Blog pages index generator

Create a cluster with Ubuntu

Git references

Latex conditional compilation

Super-basic file parsing in Go

Go installation from source


StarLab (GPU) old guide

Astrocomputing & Astrostatistics

C++ references

JavaScript references

Programming Links

Nvidia drivers

Imagemagick + pcal = calendar

Latex together with matplotlib!

HDF5 in Python: PyTables

Learning not to hate C: things worth nothing

Parameter space parallel exploration in Python

Never never never...

Learning C from simulations, #1

GIF2 files Python reader

From .csv to HDF5 in Python

Python slicing, rebinning and indexing

Python CLI and configuration file parser

Python logging

Loadleveler quick howto

Python parallel job manager