Lorenzo negli stadi 2015


Install Docker

Dockerized Starlab

PDF manipulation

Starlab simulations with `sltoos`

Not only Big Data


Python plot examples

Change a line in all of your files at once

Linux network monitoring

rsync like a pro

Best Golang installation

Cool Websites

Ssh keys exchange


Blog pages index generator

Create a cluster with Ubuntu

Git references

Latex conditional compilation

Super-basic file parsing in Go

Check external ip

Go installation from source

Sites Making Notes


StarLab (GPU) old guide

Astrocomputing & Astrostatistics

C references

System tricks

Go(lang) references

JavaScript references

Programming Links

Python references

StarLab-GPU installation

Nvidia drivers

Blogging with Nikola + Ipython + Git(Hub)

Second Pelican attempt: creating a blog on GitHub with Pelican

Easy and fast dust removal in Digikam+Gimp

Imagemagick + pcal = calendar

Latex together with matplotlib!

Essential guide to binning

HDF5 in Python: PyTables

Learning not to hate C: things worth nothing

Create, recreate and remove duplicates in array manipulation, obviously in Python!:)

Parameter space parallel exploration in Python

Never never never...

Create your own Wikipedia

Learning C from simulations, #3: C horrors!

The initial condition saga

My first Gadget2 tests

GIF2 files Python reader

GIF2 substructures coordinates correction

From .csv to HDF5 in Python

From binaries to HDF5 using Python

Python slicing, rebinning and indexing

Python CLI and configuration file parser

Python logging

Loadleveler quick howto

Python parallel job manager

Subfile package for latex